Swift Box No. 18

(Rögelein design)

[Pic. 1]: Swift Box No. 18

[Pic. 2]: Swift in No. 18

This Swift Box No. 18 is ideally suited for creating Swift colonies alongside roofs.

At least 6 to 7 m above the ground. Please ensure unobstructed access for birds entering and leaving the box.

High up on external walls of buildings of all kinds, including churches and industrial buildings, under the shelter of eaves or overhanging roofs. A clear distance (drop) below the box is recommended, preferably 5 m or more.

Similar to all our other Swift boxes but, since the chipboard panel is moisture-resistant but not rainproof, it should always be placed under overhanging eaves or in some other sheltered site.

Air-permeable SCHWEGLER wood-concrete with longlasting, formaldehyde-free chipboard frame, suitable for painting.

The entire nest can be removed from the frame. When it is replaced the nest is locked back into position using the angled nails.

Interior dimensions of nesting chamber:
height 14 x width 34 x depth 15 cm

External dimensions:
height 19 x width 50 x depth 22 cm

Weight: ca. 4,5kg

Swift Box No. 18 order no.: 00 611 / 0