Barn Owl Nest Box No. 23

also suitable for kestrels

[Pic.1]: Nest Box No. 23 seen from entrance-side

[Pic. 2]: Barn Owl in No. 23
Barn Owls prefer cultivated areas and always live and breed in proximity to humans.
Not only Kestrels but Barn Owls, too, are important natural predators of field mice, water voles and rats.

Occupants: Barn Owl and Kestrel

Material: Water-resistant chipboard made without the use of formaldehyde.

Bedding: Encourage birds to use the box by forming a base with tree bark and coarse wood shavings.

Site: The box should not be placed completely in the open but attached to the inside walls of buildings, using screws and plugs.

There is a large flap at the rear for inspection and cleaning purposes. It is important to keep an access hole through the external wall clear in front of the entrance to the box. Ideal for all kinds of buildings such as barns, industrial buildings, church towers, etc.

Height above ground: at least 6 to 8 m.

Dimensions: height 50 x width 100 x depth 50 cm

Width of entrance hole: 14 x 19 cm

Barn Owl Nest Box No. 23 order no.: 00250 / 1