Bat Tube 2FR

- for creation of spaces for large bat colonies
- with integrated access to existing cavities in walls

 [Pic. 1]: 2FR system installed (4 units)

[Pic. 2]: 2FR installed, cut to show function

This maintenance-free concept enables Bat Tubes to be built into the masonry of a wall.

A number of these Tubes can be placed next to one another in modular form to create much larger spaces with transverse connecting holes.

Each Tube has three different types of internal partition.

One of the special features is an optional passage through the rear panel: This enables existing cavities occupied by bats in the walls or structure of a building to be retained, providing an unobtrusive solution when conversion, renovation or insulation work is being carried out on older buildings. The animals can crawl from one Tube to another and through the rear into the existing cavities.

Siting: Listed buildings, industrial buildings, bridges and buildings of slab-type construction.

Suitable for: Bat species that inhabit buildings

Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete with integrated internal partitions

Colour: grey material, paintable with standard air-permeable wall-paint

Dimensions: height 47 x width 20 x depth 12.5 cm

Entrance: width 15 x height 2 cm

Weight: ca. 9,8 kg


[Pic. 3]: 2FR Bat Tube (one unit)

[Pic. 4]: 2FR (installed in rendered surface)

[Pic. 5]: Interconnection between
the 2FR tube elements

Several tubes should can be installed together - we recommend connecting at least 3 units together.


Bat Tube 2FR order no.: 00 755 / 1

(one tube)