Bat Access Panel 1FE

(for conservation of existing quarters or creating new spaces)

 [Pic. 1]: 1FE (front view)

[Pic. 2]: 1FE
installed; note the access to existing quarters behind facade.

[Pic. 3]: Typical building structure wit access to existing spaces

[Pic. 4]: 1FE installed
(cut to show function)

[Pic. 5]: optional fixing with screws (not supplied)

[Pic. 6]: 1FE installation example

[Pic. 7]: Optional:
Back Plate for 1FE 
Building facades are popular roosting places for bats.

Unfortunately, renovation and improvement works often cause the loss of such sites, so SCHWEGLER have developed the 1FE Bat Access Panel to safeguard them.

The bats fly into the entrance, which is a specially shaped incline enabling them to crawl inside. The rear of the 1FE is left open so that these unique, nocturnal creatures can crawl into existing roosting areas, such as cavities within buildings. Alternatively, the 1FE can be used as a complete bat roost itself, without requiring cavities behind it.

The 1FE is completely maintenance-free. The sloping entrance allows the animalsí droppings, which resemble crumbs, to easily fall out.


Durable, weather-resistant and air-permeable SCHWEGLER wood-concrete, proven in everyday use for over 50 years.

Colour: Natural Grey

The 1FE is used on external walls. With an overall depth of just 8 cm, it is easily integrated within masonry or insulation. If necessary it can also be attached to the underlying structure using two screws. The 1FE can, of course, also be used in new buildings to provide new roosts for bats.

The light grey material can be over-painted as required using air-permeable exterior wall paint. The design includes a silhouette of a bat which is both decorative and informative. Alternatively the 1FE can be set into masonry and render so that only the entrance is visible.

External Dimensions:

H 30 x W 30 x D 8 cm

Weight: ca. 5,1 kg

Bat Access Panel 1FE order no.: 00 747 / 6

Optional Back Plate for 1FE

(not included with 1FE)
If access to an existing nesting site is not required, the 1FE can be fitted with an optional Back Plate, which includes an attached
wooden panel to create a cavity wall inside the box (see pic. 7 & 8).

The roughened surfaces of the Plate, and the inside of the 1FE
itself, are very attractive to bats. Installation of the complete box is easy.For example, it can be screwed to a wall or fixed within insulation.

Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete with wooden panel (designed for longterm use over decades).

External dimensions of 1FE with Back Plate:
Height 30 x width 30 x depth 10 cm

Weight:4,9 kg (Back Plate only )
Total weight of 1FE and Back Plate: 10 kg
Back Plate for 1FE order no.:
order no. order no.:
00 748 / 3 order no.:



[Pic. 8]: 1FE with the optional Back Plate wit integrated wooden panel for bats to cling on.
Example for installation in wall