Facade Nest for House Martins No. 11

can be attached under overhanging eaves or on unobstructed facades

[Pic. 1]: Facade Nest No.11

This nest has been developed to enable House Martins to breed successfully on external facades without overhanging eaves and has proved highly successful. The unique, modern design certainly forms an attractive addition to our towns and villages.

Durable, weather-resistant and air-permeable SCHWEGLER wood-concrete, painted in a light colour. All the metal parts have been rust-proofed.

[Pic. 2]: Facade Nest No.11on external wall

[Pic. 3]: Cleaning

[Pic. 4]: Easy access to each nest

[Pic. 5]: Droppings Board


On an unobstructed external facade without overhanging roof, or alternatively, directly under overhanging eaves. House Martins always nest on the outside and never on the inside of buildings. Install on the sheltered side of the building.
Height above ground:

At least 2 m or above

Both of these nests can be removed from the base. The principle is the same as that for No. 9A. It can be completely removed by undoing the screws holding the nest (see Fig. 1). This gives a clear view of the entire nest bowl. Following cleaning the nest bowl is re-inserted (see Fig. 2) and secured (see Fig. 3).
Overall dimensions:

Height: 17.5 cm, width: 43.0 cm and depth 17.5 cm
Colour: Corpus shaded white, grey nests

Weight: ca. 6,25 kg

Facade Nest No.11 order no.: 00 340 / 9

Board to catch House Martin droppings


The optional droppings board prevents the nuisance caused by droppings accumulating around windows and doors.

The board can be quickly and easily installed using 2 screw holes. Mount below the Facade Nest No.11 to catch the droppings.
Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete

Droppings Board for Nest Nr.11 order no.: 00 345 / 4