Swift & Bat Box 1MF

[Pic.1]: Swift & Bat Box 1MF (Illustration)

[Pic.2]: Swift & Bat Box 1MF
for installation on wall

[Pic.3]: Swift & Bat Box 1MF with attached Bat Slope
for installation in wall

[Pic.4]: Bat Slope and 1MF


1 MF Nest Box (please see pictures 1 & 2)

The 1MF contains two nesting chambers for Swifts, each with its own entrance, allowing two pairs to breed and successfully raise their young separately from each other but in the same box. In addition a recess in the rear panel creates a space between the wall of the building and box, making it ideal for bats that inhabit buildings, such as the Pipistrelle.
SCHWEGLER wood-concrete

A specially shaped galvanised metal mounting plate supplied is screwed to an external wall of the building, from which the box is then hung.
At least 6 to 7 m above the ground. Please ensure unobstructed access for birds entering and leaving the box.

High up on external walls of buildings of all kinds, including churches and industrial buildings. A clear distance (drop) below the box is recommended, preferably 5 m or more.


By turning the safety catch, each front panel can be removed to allow easy cleaning. The bat recess at the rear requires no maintenance because droppings simply fall out.
Internal dimensions:

Nest chambers: height 17 x width 36 x depth 16 cm each.
Bat recess: height 42 x width 35 x depth approx. 3.5 cm.

Overall dimensions:

Height 46 x width 43 x depth 22.5 cm.

Weight: 24 kg

1MF Box for installation on wall order no.: 00615 / 8


Bat Slope for "Swift & Bat Box 1MF"


Using the Bat Slope, the 1MF can be built directly into the brickwork of a wall, with the box flush with the face of the wall, and still allow access to the rear recess for bats. This is often preferable for listed buildings or for other architectural reasons.
The Bat Slope is fixed in place first and the 1MF then positioned above it.

Bat Slope:  Height 25 x width 43 x depth 22.5 cm.

1MF with Bat Slope: Height 70 x width 43 x depth 22.5 cm

Weight: 13.5 kgs (plus 24 kgs for the 1MF itself)

Bat Slope for 1MF order no.: 0616 / 5