Summer & Winter Batbox 1WI (D.B.P.)

for installation into walls of buildings and structures

       [Pic. 1]: Batbox 1WI

This Batbox designed for the safe hibernation of bats in winter as well as for roosting, forming of colonies and raising their young during summer. 
The integrated isolation in combination with the well know advantages of the SCHWEGLER light-concrete material are ideal for the needs of building-inhabiting bat species all year round. The patented "double wall system" is already tested and proven for decades in our very successful Bat Hibernation Boxes 1FW, as used in many  professional and scientific projects in forests all over Europe.
The 1WI is a very good example how easy it is to assist bats in urban areas. With this Brickbox it is possible to offer new quarters or to provide replacement for destroyed or closed spaces where bats used to live. The combination of several well isolating materials in a layer structure ensures outstanding insulating properties but still guaranties sufficient air-convection and permeability. The extremely durable material will last for many decades providing shelter for the bats.
Maintenance-free: Self-cleaning and thus completely maintenance-free.

[Pic. 2]: 1WI built into wall with render, only the entrance remains visible


Interior: The interior is designed with different surface textures and areas with changing hanging depths. This makes it easy for the different bat species to find ideal hanging places which correspond to their individual size, preferences and the climatic situation throughout the year.
Exterior:  After in-wall installation only the small entrance square remains visible. The integrated steps guide the way to the inside and therefore accelerates the occupation, e.g. by inexperienced young bats.
Colour: The 1WQ is delivered without coating since it is designer for integration flush mounted. 
If desired it can be over-painted with an air-permeable standard paint, e.g. to match the colour of the background wall. This might be interesting if front or side remain visible in special modes of installation where it is not fully covered by render.
Material: The one-piece element is made in special weather-resistant, air-permeable and rot-proof SCHWEGLER light-concrete. Because this material is so long-lasting, and because the design is superb, the box will help bats for many decades. 
Occupants: Typical building-inhabiting bat species like Pipistrelle, Serotine Bat or Parti-coloured Bat, etc. In areas with existing bat-colonies also Noctules or Bechstein´s bat.
Installation: In most applications the 1WI is installed flush-mounted and rendered over. Only the entrance remains visible then. 
Optionally it can be screwed to the wall using the screws and plugs provided. 
Alternative methods of installation are possible, e.g. installation into insulation-layers of outside walls or integration into timber structures.
Installation height: Position 3 metres or higher above the ground in a place where there is clear flight path for bats entering and leaving the box.
Siting: All kinds of buildings (e.g. made of concrete, stone, brick or timber). Examples are residential houses, churches, bridges, highway structures, towers, multi-storey buildings, industrial sites or power plants.
External Dimensions: H 55 x B 35 x T 9,5 cm 
Weight: approx. 15kg

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