Swift Box No. 16

[Pic. 1]: Swift Box No. 16

[Pic. 2]: Built into an external wall

[Pic. 3]: Built into an external wall

[Pic. 4]: Installed in an external wall with approx. 4 cm of insulation to prevent loss of heat through conduction

[Pic. 5]: Built into external insulation using the Fixing Bracket

This Nest Box can be installed within an external wall to a maximum depth is 17 cm in order to prevent the underneath entrance hole being blocked. It can also be attached to the surface of an external wall (or within render or an external insulation layer) using the optional Fixing Bracket order no. 00614/1. The box can be painted, if desired, using standard air-permeable external wall paint.

Occupants: Swifts
At least 6 to 7 m above the ground. Please ensure unobstructed access for birds entering and leaving the box.

High up on external walls of buildings of all kinds, including churches and industrial buildings. A clear distance (drop) below the box is recommended, preferably 5 m or more.

Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete

Cleaning and inspection: Cleaning is easy and convenient but not essential. By turning the safety catch, the front panel is easily removed.

Interior dimensions: height 17 x width 36 x depth 16 cm.
External dimensions: height 24 x width 43 x depth 22 cm.

Weight: 11 kg

 Swift Box No.16       order no.  00 612 / 7  

Fixing Bracket for Swift Box No. 16

Used when fixing the No. 16 on an external wall or under overhanging eaves. 2 screws and wall plugs are included.
Galvanised steel.
30 x 3 x 250 mm

(please see pictures 5 & 6)

Fixing Bracket for No.16 order no.: 00 614 / 1

                    [Pic. 6]: Fixing Bracket