Bat Box 1 FF

with built-in wooden rear panel (D.B.P.)

[Pic. 1]: Bat Box 1FF

[Pic. 2]:  1FF, opened, with
Noctules (Nyctalus noctula)

Since the 1FF is open at the bottom, allowing droppings to fall out, it does not need cleaning and is therefore especially suitable for hanging in inaccessible places such as steep slopes and house walls.

To compensate for fluctuations in temperature in spring and autumn, the 1FF is provided with a roughened rear panel made of hard-wearing wood.

Depending on their individual temperature requirements, the animals can choose between the cooler wood-concrete or the warmer wooden panel.

For conservation projects and studies, the entire front of the box can be easily swung open for inspection purposes.

Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete, long-term stable wooden panel, galvanised steel hanger

Colour: Black
D 14 cm x W 27 cm x H 43 cm

Size of entrance:
width 12...24 mm x length 21cm
9.9 kg

Bat Box 1FF order no.: 00 139 / 9