Cavity Panel for Swifts

for facing cavities and niches

[Pic. 1]: Cavity Panel

[Pic. 2]: Used on external wall

[Pic. 3]: Facing cavities e.g. alongside roof.

[Pic. 4]: Flush mounting (Cutaway)

Ideal as a facing for cavities and niches in walls to provide breeding spaces for Swifts.

Together with our Nest-Mould, it encourages more rapid and successful colonisation.

Easily attached to rafters, cavities or recesses in walls, using screws and wall plugs (not provided) for the four drill holes.
Cleaning and inspection:

The entrance hole insert is removable by turning it 90.

Plant fibre and wood-concrete (100% asbestos-free).

20 x 20 cm x thickness 6 mm.
Thickness of entrance hole insert 3 cm.

Cavity Panel order no.: 00 618 / 9