Open fronted Brick Box 1HE, with integrated protection

For installation in or on external walls of buildings

    [Pic. 1]: Brick Box 1HE

This latest design is a lightweight nesting box made of plant fibre and is intended for installation in or on external walls of buildings of all kinds.

Because of its special narrowing entrance it is safe against Magpies, Jays, Cats and Martens.


[Pic. 2]: 1HE installed on wall

[Pic. 3]: 1HE installed in wall

[Pic. 4]: 1HE in rendered surface

When installing on a wall please order the 1HE including Mounting Bracket, Order no. 00632/5
Black Redstart, Pied Wagtail, Spotted Flycatcher and occasionally House and Tree Sparrow.
Plant fibre material (100% asbestos-free) and SCHWEGLER wood-concrete
At least 2m above the ground, on or within external walls.
Length 28 x height 15 x depth 15 cm
ca. 2,8 kg

Types available:
We supply the 1HE for installation in walls without mounting brackets or for hanging on walls with galvanized steel bracket.
1HE without bracket order no.: 00 631 / 8

(for installation in external walls)

1HE including bracket order no.: 00 632 / 5

(for installation on external walls)

[Pic. 5]: 1HE with Mounting Bracket