Sparrow Terrace 1SP

Triple Nesting Aid

[Pic. 1]: Sparrow Terrace 1SP

[Pic. 2]:Easy installation on wall with supplied attachment material (screws & plugs)

While nesting and raising their young both types of sparrow feed exclusively on insects, especially arthropods (insects with segmented legs).

Therefore, their traditional role in keeping down pests and maintaining the balance of nature is a very important one, though not always recognised.

Recently the numbers of both species have declined substantially and in some areas they are now rarely seen. Long term studies have confirmed this drastic reduction in their numbers across Europe.

The causes include the clearance and monotonous nature of rural areas, the sterility of many gardens and landscaped areas, and the use of chemicals in agriculture and gardens.

The survival of these species is particularly threatened by widespread building renovation and clearance which denies them many nesting possibilities.

[Pic. 3]: Installation on external wall

[Pic. 4]: Rendered surface

[Pic. 5]: Installation and additional insulation layer (2-4cm), if necessary

[Pic. 6]: Example of installed 1SP

House and tree sparrows, and in some instances other birds which use nest boxes such as tits, redstart and spotted flycatcher.
House Sparrow
(Passer domesticus):
These birds thrive in areas cultivated by man, from villages to large cities.
Tree Sparrow (Passer montanus):

Also widely distributed throughout towns and villages as well as the surrounding fields, farms, woodlands and hedges, and woodlands bordering rivers and streams.

SCHWEGLER wood-concrete.

On all types of houses in built-up areas, and on industrial and agricultural buildings such as barns, sheds and factories.

2 meters or more above ground level.

Method 1: (please see pictures 1-3 & 6)
Simple, surface installation using the plugs and screws supplied.

Method 2: (please see picture 4 & 5)
Complete installation as a nesting block within brick or concrete walls. To avoid conducting low temperatures please also use wall insulation, or install at a suitable depth in the wall.

Cleaning is advised but is not essential. By turning the screw hook by 180 the front panel can be removed.
Dimensions of brood chambers:

each: height 16 x width 10.5 x depth approx. 15 cm
External dimensions:

height 24.5 x width 43 x depth 20 cm
Weight: ca.15kg

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