Nest Box No. 28 for Kestrels

[Pic. 1]: Kestrel Box No. 28

[Pic. 2]: Kestrel in Box No. 28

The Kestrel is a bird of prey that seeks its food on the ground. Farmers and foresters welcome it because of its preference for field mice which, together with other types of mice, account for 80 or even 90 per cent of its diet. Kestrels tend to remain in the same area.


The nest box is made of SCHWEGLER wood-concrete, which has proved to be highly effective and weather-resistant.

To encourage the birds to adopt the box a mixture of coarse sawdust, wood shavings and washed sand should be moistened and placed inside.
Height above ground:
6 to 8 m


On solitary trees, quiet places on the edge of woodlands, barns in open countryside, electricity masts, silos, wind generators, etc. The following sites are recommended in urban areas: large buildings, high walls, chimneys, industrial buildings, churches, etc. In the absence of trees the boxes can be installed on high poles to assist the birds in their hunt for mice. Minimum height: 2.5 to 3 m.

Entrance hole:
Facing south-east or away from the prevailing wind. Alternatively under rafters, in recesses on historic buildings, in gaps in masonry, etc.
Nesting chamber: Height 34 x width 30 x depth 30 cm
Width of entrance hole: 17 x 24 cm
Outside: H 36 x W 33cm x D 45 cm
Weight: 13,5 kg

Nest Box No. 28 for Kestrels order no.: 00 251 / 8