Dipper and Pied Wagtail Nest Box No. 19
Secure against small predators. Also suitable for grey wagtails

[Pic. 1]: Nest Box No. 19

[Pic. 2]: Nest Box No. 19

[Pic. 3]: Nest Box Nr. 19; Siting

This very successful nest box is ideal for helping to ensure the continued survival of these species. It can be used, for example, when streams are being restored to their natural state. Because it is secure against small predators, it is more effective than natural nesting sites for ensuring breeding success.
Fixing: The brackets are adjustable and easy to install using screws or bolts.
Cleaning: Because Dipper nests are usually infested with parasites it is advisable to clean the nest box after the breeding season (i.e., from August onwards).
Material: Plant fiber and wood concrete (100% asbestos-free).
Siting: Under bridges and on vertical walls which are directly adjacent to natural, moving water which should be relatively clean. The No. 19 should always be installed at least 0.5 m above the high water line. Practical experience has shown that the box should always be placed above deeper, flowing water, because Dippers tend to dive into the water if danger threatens (see picture 3). For the Pied Wagtail, the No. 19 can also be used in wetlands.

Occupants: Dipper and Pied Wagtail
Internal dimensions: 18 x 18 cm Total length: 37 cm

Weight: ca. 4,7 kg
Dipper & Wagtail Box No. 19 order no.: 00 620/2