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SCHWEGLER wood-concrete nest boxes have proved to be a remarkable success, as well as being very durable and environmentally friendly. Over 8.5 million of them have been placed in woods, orchards and gardens throughout Europe, the USA and Canada and in many other countries, too.

The main features and advantages of SCHWEGLER nest boxes:

  1. 1. They are simple to install, inspect and clean.
  2. 2. Our patented method of installation on trees prevents the tree trunk from growing over the hanger from which the box is suspended.
  3. 3. Our nest box designs mirror natural holes, with internal dimensions that are similar to the holes made by woodpeckers or caused by decay in old trees.
  4. 4. SCHWEGLER nest boxes are famous for their durability. They will last at least 20–25 years and are readily adopted by birds. This means several decades of breeding success in real life conditions. Our nest boxes have been developed in close collaboration with leading ornithologists, nature conservation organisations, Government conservation agencies and forestry experts, and are backed up by decades of experience and knowledge. They are made of our unique wood-concrete material, an entirely natural product consisting of 75% wood and various additives to compensate for climatic changes. This provides insulation against temperature fluctuations, allows air to pass through the walls, and prevents the formation of condensation which often occurs in nest boxes made of plastic, stone or entirely of concrete. Our material is also much longer lasting and weather-resistant than wood, and is strong enough to withstand the attention of woodpeckers.
  5. 5. In each nest box the size of the brood chamber, diameter of the entrance hole and many other features have been adapted to the needs and behaviour of the animals themselves. Experiments by bird protection organisations worldwide have demonstrated that the highest density of bird populations (i.e., breeding pairs per hectare) is achieved with our nest boxes.
  6. 6. Our products have been officially recognised and approved by the following organisations and numerous others worldwide:

    • German Federal Biological Centre for Agriculture and Forestry (BBA)
    • German Nature Protection Association (NABU)
    • Bavarian Regional Association for the Protection of Birds (LBV)
    • German Environmental Protection Association (DUH)
    • Jordsand, Society for the Protection of Seabirds and Nature
    • EURONATUR/European Cultural Heritage Foundation
    • LPO, France
    • Luxemburg Association for the Protection of Birds and Nature
    • Blue Bird Association of North America
    • SEO, Spain
    • LIPU, Italy
    • Global Nature Fund
    • Vogelbescherming, Belgium