Our latest Garden Packs
- new ideas for you!

We supply an enormous range of products! Newcomers may find it hard to make the right choice so our Garden Packs help by combining the best products for typical situations, whether in gardens or on a balcony. They also make ideal gifts.
Choose from three packs: Balcony & Patio, Gardens with Cats and Standard Garden.

[Pic. 1]: Garden Pack 1

[Pic. 2]: Garden Pack 2

[Pic. 3]: Garden Pack 3


Garden Pack 1: Balcony & Patio


Garden Pack 1 order no.: 00 505 / 2


Garden Pack 2: Gardens with Cats


All these nest boxes are secure against magpies, jays, cats and martens.

Garden Pack 2 order no.: 00 507 / 6

Garden Pack 3: Standard Garden


Garden Pack 3 order no.: 00 509 / 0