Tree Creeper Boxes

with protection against predators

There are two types of Tree Creeper in Europe: the species known simply as the Tree Creeper, and the Short-toed Tree Creeper. They are very difficult to tell apart although experts can distinguish them by their calls or by slight differences in the colouring of their feathers.

Both species prefer a nest box that allows contact inside with a tree trunk that has a coarse type of bark, such as oak, alder, poplar, pine, pear or apple trees. For this reason the Tree Creeper boxes are open at the rear (the tree side). With their pointed beaks the birds can search among the cracks in the bark for spiders and insects such as beetles. The entrances, on both sides, provide excellent protection against cats and martens.
The nest boxes should be hung on trunks with a diameter of between 25 and 30 cm. Depending on regional conditions, there may be differences in the rate of occupancy between the 2B and 2BN. We therefore recommend that you begin by using the same number of both types. After one or two breeding seasons it will be apparent which type is most popular in a particular area.

[Pic. 1]: Tree Creeper Box 2B

Tree Creeper Box 2B

With removable front panel.

This type of Tree Creeper box has a removable front panel for easy inspection and cleaning. It is attached to the tree trunk using two aluminium nails and two mounting blocks.

Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete

Colour: Classic brown

Supplied with all fixing attachments.

Tree Creeper Box 2B order no.: 00 141 / 2

[Pic. 2]: Tree Creeper Box 2BN

Tree Creeper Box 2BN

(registered design 880 84 12.4)

This type of box has a brood chamber which is slightly higher and with a smaller diameter than the 2B and can be lifted completely away from the tree trunk for inspection and cleaning. The box rests on one aluminium nail, which is hammered halfway in, and is fastened to the tree with a coated wire. A foam seal pressing into the bark to prevent water entering the box.

Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete

Colour: Classic brown

Supplied with nails and wire.
Tree Creeper Box 2BN order no.: 00 143 / 6