Bird Home 1MR

for fixing to house walls, patio or balcony

[Pic. 1]: Bird Home 1MR 
(Colour red / light grey)

The garden birds around our homes, like Tits, Redstarts or House Sparrows, have learned to use our buildings, patios and balconies as a new habitat and  live in close proximity to us humans where they build their nests and raise their young. 

This is hard and difficult work and our help, support and assistance is most welcomed. 

A safe place to live, breed and rest is an important factor for survival in urban areas. 

We at SCHWEGLER developed with leading ornithologists and conservation experts this all new 1MR Bird Home for exclusive installation on external walls. 

But not only the birds will promptly occupy this highly sophisticated and yet nicely designed Nestbox! With its unique shape it is very well suited to serve as an wonderful eye-catcher on any building wall, showing us a living environment even in our busy cities.

[Pic. 2]:  Easy installation 
with only one central hook

[Pic. 3]: See by yourself....

[Pic. 4]: Fast and convenient 
cleaning & inspection

[Pic. 5]: Colour red/ grey [00155/9]

[Pic. 6]: Colour brown 
/ light brown  [00156/6]

Suitable for fixing in the following locations:
Outer walls of buildings (including sheds and garages), balconies etc. The recommended fixing height is between 1.5 and 5 metres above the ground. Ideally the entrance hole should face south-east to south-west.
Songbirds build their own nests so no additional nesting material is required. We recommend that you check and clean the inside of the box after a successful breeding season. Cleaning the box in the autumn guarantees a home that is warm and safe to help non-migratory birds survive through the winter.

Hanging up / fixing the box:
The 1MR is held centrally and can be attached securely to a wall using a screw hook. A galvanised screw hook and wall plug are supplied.

Occupants: with a 32mm entrance hole, ideal for garden birds such as Coal Tit, Blue Tit, Marsh Tit, Crested Tit, Redstart, Nuthatch, Collared Flycatcher, Pied Flycatcher, Wryneck, House Sparrow and Tree Sparrow and others....

Colours: 2 coloures available:

  • Nestbox frame red / front panel light grey
  • Nestbox brown / front panel light brown

 Bird Home 1MR  red/grey              order no.  00 155 / 9 
Bird Home 1MR brown/ light br. order no.: 00 156 / 6

Bird Home 1MR olive green/grey order no.: 00 154 / 2

          [Pic 7]: Colours  green, red, brown