Bat Hibernation Box 1FW (D.B.P)

(Summer- & Winterquarter for Bat colonies)

 [Pic. 1]: Bat Hibernation Box 1FW

[Pic. 2]:
1FW opened

[Pic. 3]: 1FW, occupied

This box has the same internal design as the 1FS but its special multi-layered cavity wall provides excellent insulation while also allowing the air to permeate.

This makes it ideal both for hibernation in winter and for encouraging large colonies in summer. 180 hibernating individuals have been recorded and this is not at all uncommon.

Interior design: There are three internal, grooved, wooden panels which can be easily lifted out for inspection and cleaning, and the same roof panel as the 1FS.

Colour: Black, grey front panel

Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete, galvanised steel hanger

Siting & Fixing: Ideal for use on trees.
Mounting blocks, Aluminium Nails and fixing instructions are supplied.

External dimensions: 38cm, height: 50 cm

Internal dimensions: 20cm, height: 38 cm

Weight: approx. 28 kg

Bat Hibernation Box 1FW order no.: 00 137 / 5


[Pic. 4]: Hangingblock of 1FW with Aluminum Nails