Hedgehog Dome with insulated base

for use as summer home and hibernation in winter

[Pic. 1]: SCHWEGLER Hedgehog Dome with Hedgehog family

[Pic. 2]: Hedgehog Dome (occupied)

[Pic. 3]: Hedgehog Dome

Hedgehogs are a protected species.
They usually construct nesting places in hollow tree stumps, piles of wood, dense vegetation and piles of leaves, all of which are becoming harder to find.
They will readily occupy our Hedgehog Dome, which provides year round accommodation, including hibernation quarters. Hedgehogs are welcome visitors to gardens because their diet consists of Snails, Caterpillars, Millipedes, etc.
Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete. Brown protective coating for a balanced temperature
Siting: Choose somewhere protected from wind and rain. Try and avoid placing the Dome where the animals have to cross a lawn because these are mainly damp at night.
Nesting material: Ideally fill with hay (supplied with the Dome) but alternatively use dry leaves and straw, as well as cut up newspaper and wood shavings.
Interior: 44 cm Height: 28 cm Entrance: 11 x 12 cm
Exterior: ca. 50 cm
Colour: Classic Brown
Weight: ca. 17 kg
Detailed instructions are supplied.

Hedgehog Dome with insulated base order no.: 00 390 / 4

(incl. nesting material, ready to use)